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Our Mission and Outreach
Our mission is to provide infection prevention guidance and support that maximizes the delivery of safe care across the city of Chicago in a way that is both equitable and resilient. 

We achieve that purpose in a variety of ways by providing: 
  • Infection Prevention & Control (IP&C) Guidance: We can train and mentor new Infection Preventionists (IPs) and assist with the interpretation of guidelines and standards.
  • Infection Control Assessments and Responses (ICARs): We perform standardized, CDC-approved assessments with your team and staff. The tools we use are publicly available on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) website and can be reviewed prior to any visit. 
  • Epidemiology Support: Our epidemiologists can assist with outbreak investigations and summarizing facility-level data. This may include data collection, analysis, and/or data visualization support. 
  • IP&C Roundtable: We have established regular meetings to share IP&C information with public health relevance, provide a space for Infection Preventionists to dialogue, and engage in topics of importance to our field. Please contact us for an invitation. 
  • Infection Prevention Training: Our Infection Preventionists can help train new infection control staff or front line staff on a variety of topics: basic infection control best practices, management of multi-drug resistant organisms (MDROs), prevention of healthcare associated infections, mandatory National Healthcare Safety Network (NHSN) and Illinois National Electronic Disease Surveillance System (INEDSS) reporting, surveillance, environmental rounds, outbreak management, and more. 
Our partnerships are constructive and non-punitive, and we work closely with Infection Preventionists, frontline staff, clinical leaders and administrative leadership to provide evidence-based, practical recommendations. 

Please reach out to any member of our team. See contact information below.

For general questions please use the general inbox:
Phone: 312-744-1100
Acute Care Team Name Contact Information
Medical Directors Dr. Do Young Kim
Dr. Staphanie Black
Projects Administrator Shane Zelencik Phone: 312-744-3434
Project Manager Maria Campos-Bovee Phone: 312-744-3269
Infection Prevention Specialist (Acute Care) Andrea Castillo Phone: 312-744-2014
Infection Prevention Specialist (Acute Care) Karen Branch-Crawford Phone: 312-746-6035
Infection Prevention Specialist (FQHC & Dialysis Kim Goitia Phone: 312-742-8021
Public Health Administrator II Maggie Li Phone: 312-743-0317
Public Health Administrator II Romualdo Chavez Phone: 312-743-0282

Infection Control Assessment and Response Tools (ICARs)

Purpose: ICAR tools are used to systematically assess a healthcare facility’s IPC practices and guide quality improvement activities (e.g., by addressing identified gaps). 

How CDPH can help: The ACHOO team is engaged in comprehensive visits to acute care facilities throughout Chicago, during which they perform ICARs based on the facilities' preferences. Upon concluding an ICAR, the team provides post-report recommendations, equipping these facilities to proactively address any regulatory inspections. It is essential to emphasize that their visits are inherently non-regulatory and non-punitive. Instead, the primary objective is to foster collaboration among departmental teams within each facility and identify areas for enhancement.

Partner with Us: Demographics- Acute Care

Click on each module below to open the tool in a fillable PDF document:
Module 1 – Training, Audits, Feedback 
Module 2 – Hand Hygiene 
Module 3 – Transmission-Based Precautions (TBP)  
Module 4 – Environmental Services (EVS)  
Module 5 – High-level Disinfection and Sterilization 
Module 6 – Injection Safety 
Module 7 – Point of Care (POC) Blood Testing 
Module 8 – Wound Care 
Module 9 – Healthcare Laundry 
Module 10 – Antibiotic Stewardship 
Module 11 – Water Exposure

IPC Guidance and resources

Core Practices 
Disinfection and Sterilization 
Environmental Cleaning
Hand Hygiene
Point of Care Blood Testing Safe Injection Practices:
Transmission Based Precautions:
Water Exposure

Disease Reporting (COVID, MDRO, Clusters)

MDRO Reporting  COVID-19 related outbreaks
  • Outbreaks of COVID-19 should be reported by telephone to the local health department within 24 hours.
  • Outbreaks are defined as:
    • Three (3) or more cases who are laboratory positive for SARS-CoV-2 by antigen or PCR testing in a patient 7 or more days after admission for a non-COVID condition or
    • Three (3) or more cases who are laboratory positive for SARS-CoV-2 by antigen or PCR testing in healthcare personnel (HCP), and
      • Are epidemiologically linked
      • Do not share a household
      • Are not listed as a close contact of each other outside of the workplace during standard case investigation or contact tracing.  
Other Clusters
  • In addition to timely reporting of reportable conditions, please also report cluster of epi-linked cases occurring in your facility that may indicate a public health concern.

How can we help during clusters/outbreaks 
  • Provide investigation guidance 
    • Patient screening plan
    • Environmental screening plan
  • Provide epidemiological support 
  • Perform onsite Infection Control Assessments (ICARs)
  • Help conduct a point prevalence survey (PPS
    • Specimen collection
    • Laboratory diagnostic testing and whole genome sequencing (WGS)
    • Results communication to facility management. 
CMS Reporting (Via NHSN)

Technical Assistance (I-NEDSS, XDRO, Auto Alerts)

IP&C Roundtable with the CDPH Healthcare Settings Team

Join us for our IP&C Roundtable, a monthly gathering of dedicated Infection Preventionists working in facilities across the city of Chicago. These meetings are designed to facilitate knowledge sharing and collaboration in the field of infection prevention. We encourage open discussions, networking, and a shared commitment to keeping our healthcare community safe. 

To be added to the roundtable directory, please email CDPHHAIAR@cityofchicago.org.

Meeting Details:
  • Platform: Microsoft Teams (Virtual)
  • Frequency: Monthly
  • In-Person Meetings: Held twice a year 
  • Next In-Person Meeting: TBD

Key Highlights:
  • Guest speakers from various departments within CDPH and accrediting agencies. 
  • General presentations from IPs at acute care hospitals.
  • Networking with IPs across the city.
  • Provide directory to IPs to facilitate communication. 

Previous Roundtable Slides

01.18.24 Acute Care IP&C Roundtable Presentation

02.15.2024 Acute Care IP&C Roundtable Presentation

01.27.23 Acute Care IP&C Roundtable Presentation
02.24.23 Acute Care IP&C Roundtable Presentation
03.31.23 Acute Care IP&C Roundtable Presentation
04.28.23 Acute Care IP&C Roundtable Presentation
06.09.23 Acute Care IP&C Roundtable Presentation
07.28.23 Acute Care IP&C Roundtable Presentation
09.29 23 Acute Care IP&C Roundtable Presentation
10.20.23 Acute Care IP&C Roundtable Presentation
12.01.23 Acute Care IP&C Roundtable Presentation

Staff Training

Project Firstline
  • Project Firstline is a CDC effort that aims to provide engaging, innovative, and effective infection control training for millions of frontline U.S. healthcare workers as well as members of the public health workforce.
  • The Chicago Department of Public Health Healthcare Settings team now provides several types of education trainings, including foundational Infection Prevention and Control topics (e.g. I-NEDSS, NHSN, CDPH MDRO Case Reporting Forms, REDCap, etc.) and many more. If you are interested in signing up for a training, please fill out this survey: CDPH Training Session Request Form.

The ACHOO team is able to provide NHSN training upon request. For more information, email CDPHHAIAR@cityofchicago.org.

I-NEDSS and MDRO Reporting 
We offer training options to suit your needs: at your facility, our location at Damen, or virtually. 

Other Key Departments at CDPH

Congregate Settings
CDPH Disease Reporting Hotline (TB, STI, Legi, CS, Hep-A, Rabies, Varicella, Measles, Mumps, Pertussis)
  • Phone: 312-743-9000 
    • After hours, weekends, and holidays, call 311 and ask for the communicable disease physician on-call (or 312-744-5000 if outside the City of Chicago)
  • Fax Number: 312-746-5134 (TB pertinent patient records)

Healthcare-Associated Infection (HAI)/Antibiotic Stewardship
Immunization Program
Long-term Care Facilities 
Project Firstline

Acute Care Facilities Contact Information

For general questions please use general inbox:
Phone: 312-744-1100

Disease Reporting

For detailed reporting information please see the Disease Reporting section to the left.

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