Specific Outpatient Guidance

Dental Clinics

General Guidance - Infection prevention and control guidance for dental settings during the COVID-19 pandemic


  • Infection Control Guidance - Infection prevention and control practices for routine healthcare delivery during the pandemic and management of suspected or confirmed COVID-19 infection
  • Training for Healthcare Professionals - Training materials for healthcare professionals regarding COVID-19 management and preparation

Environmental Cleaning and Precautions

  • Environmental Cleaning - Frequently asked questions document with a variety of topics including waste management and environmental cleaning and disinfection 
  • Airborne Contaminant Removal  - Contains information related to air quality within patient rooms after they have been vacated by COVID-19 patients

Managing Healthcare Workers

Managing Patients

  • General - Provides information on the clinical care of patients with COVID-19 infection
  • Isolation Precautions
    • General - Summary of isolation precautions and the duration of them for patients with suspected or confirmed COVID-19 

Managing Visitors

  • General Guidance - Healthcare facility guidance on the management of visitors to reduce COVID-19 transmission

Personal Protective Equipment

COVID-19 Reporting

Reporting COVID-19 Cases to CDPH

Report lab-confirmed, epidemiologically-linked (epi-linked) clusters* of COVID-19 via the RedCap case report form

*Clusters are defined as  3 cases of confirmed COVID-19 in patients and healthcare personnel (HCP) with epi-linkage+

+ Epi-Linkage among staff is defined as having the potential to have been with 6ft for 15 minutes or longer while working in the facility during the 14 days prior to the onset of symptoms; for example, worked on the same unit during the same shift. Epi-linkage among patients is defined as overlap on the same unit or ward or having the potential to have been cared for by common HCP within a 14-day time period of each other.

COVID-19 Contacts

For additional guidance regarding COVID-19 management within your facility, please email CDPHHAIAR@cityofchicago.org.