The Chicago Department of Public Health’s Healthcare Settings Team is reaching out to facilities across the spectrum of care, including federally qualified health centers (FQHCs) within our jurisdiction. Our mission is to provide infection prevention guidance and support that maximizes the delivery of safe care across the city of Chicago in a way that is both equitable and resilient. All our partnerships are constructive and non-punitive, and we work closely with Infection Preventionists, frontline staff, clinical leaders and administrative leadership to provide evidence-based, practical recommendations.  
ACHOO Team Name Contact Information
Medical Director Dr. Do Young Kim Doyoung.Kim@cityofchicago.org
Projects Administrator Shane Zelencik Phone:312-744-3434
Infection Prevention Specialist (FQHC and Dialysis) Kim Goitia Phone: 312-742-8021

IPC Resources and Guidance

Core Practices 
Disinfection and Sterilization 
Environmental Cleaning
Hand Hygiene
Point of Care Blood Testing Safe Injection Practices:
Transmission Based Precautions:
Water Exposure

Infection Control Assessment and Response Tools (ICARs)

Purpose: ICAR tools are used to systematically assess a healthcare facility’s IPC practices and guide quality improvement activities (e.g., by addressing identified gaps). 

How CDPH can help: The ACHOO team is engaged in comprehensive visits to acute care facilities throughout Chicago, during which they perform ICARs based on the facilities' preferences. Upon concluding an ICAR, the team provides post-report recommendations, equipping these facilities to proactively address any regulatory inspections. It is essential to emphasize that their visits are inherently non-regulatory and non-punitive. Instead, the primary objective is to foster collaboration among departmental teams within each facility and identify areas for enhancement.

Partner with Us: Demographics- Acute Care

Click on each module below to open the tool in a fillable PDF document:
Module 1 – Training, Audits, Feedback 
Module 2 – Hand Hygiene 
Module 3 – Transmission-Based Precautions (TBP)  
Module 4 – Environmental Services (EVS)  
Module 5 – High-level Disinfection and Sterilization 
Module 6 – Injection Safety 
Module 7 – Point of Care (POC) Blood Testing 
Module 8 – Wound Care 
Module 9 – Healthcare Laundry 
Module 10 – Antibiotic Stewardship 
Module 11 – Water Exposure

Disease Reporting

For Clinical Questions Contact:
The CDPH Disease Reporting Hotline at

*After hours, weekends, and holidays, call 311 and ask for the communicable disease physician on-call (or 312-744-5000 if outside the City of Chicago)

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