VFC News Bulletin Introduction

The VFC News Bulletin is a monthly bulletin that provides healthcare providers with most current information regarding the Chicago Vaccines for Children (VFC) Program.

VFC News Bulletins

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Chicago VFC News Bulletin_3_25_20.pdf 729KB 8042
Chicago VFC News Bulletin_4_10_20_FINAL.pdf 640KB 7461
Chicago VFC News_Bulletin_6_29_20_FINAL.pdf 746KB 1542
ChicagoVFCNewsBulletin_1_14_20_FINAL.pdf 559KB 8433
ChicagoVFCNewsBulletin_31220.pdf 648KB 8146
ChicagoVFCNewsBulletin_31620.pdf 454KB 8137
ChicagoVFCNewsBulletin_3_20_20_FINAL.pdf 544KB 8102
ChicagoVFCNewsBulletin_5_6_20.pdf 515KB 5230
ChicagoVFCNewsBulletin_6_11_20_FINAL.pdf 699KB 2357
ChicagoVFCNewsBulletin_6_17_20_FINAL.pdf 367KB 1838
ChicagoVFCNewsBulletin_6_2_20_FINAL.pdf 901KB 3205
ChicagoVFC_NB_nCoV_01242020.pdf 377KB 8367
HAN_COVID_outpatientupdate_050520.pdf 232KB 5227
HAN_PH_final_043020.pdf 141KB 5228
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