VFC News Bulletin Introduction

The VFC News Bulletin is a monthly bulletin that provides healthcare providers with most current information regarding the Chicago Vaccines for Children (VFC) Program.

VFC News Bulletins

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20190701_IL_VFC_Guidance_for_CHIP.pdf 429KB 10402
20190701_Vaccines_for_CHIP_Memo.pdf 168KB 10429
Chicago VFC News Bulletin_08012019 384KB 10400
Chicago VFC News Bulletin_09_27_2019_FINAL 537KB 10510
ChicagoVFCNews Bulletin_01242019 1.3MB 10592
ChicagoVFCNewsBulletin_01072019 1.7MB 10547
ChicagoVFCNewsBulletin_03012019 548KB 10908
ChicagoVFCNewsBulletin_0312019 773KB 10586
ChicagoVFCNewsBulletin_03292019 935KB 10540
ChicagoVFCNewsBulletin_04122019 483KB 10532
ChicagoVFCNewsBulletin_05032019 1.1MB 10477
ChicagoVFCNewsBulletin_06032019 651KB 10525
ChicagoVFCNewsBulletin_06172019 462KB 10553
ChicagoVFCNewsBulletin_07022019.pdf 334KB 10399
ChicagoVFCNewsBulletin_08262019.pdf 801KB 10378
ChicagoVFCNewsBulletin_102319.pdf 811KB 10275
ChicagoVFCNewsBulletin_111919.pdf 709KB 10184
Instruction for Completing 2019 VFC Re-enrollment.pdf 322KB 10529
Office-Based Educational Handout for Influenza Vaccination 1.1MB 10713
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