Information about C. auris Information about C. auris

Candida auris is an emerging fungus that is often multidrug resistant, can be difficult to identify with standard laboratory methods and had caused outbreaks in healthcare settings.  

Key Information and Action Steps

All Candida isolates from sterile sites should be identified to the species level. C. auris is commonly misidentified as Candida haemulonii.  Testing Candida isolates from non-sterile sites to determine species should be considered if:

  • - clinically indicated (e.g. suspected treatment failure)
  • - there is an epidemiological link to a known C. auris patient, or
  • - patient has recent hospitalization in a country with known C. auris transmission

Report to public health any of the following:

  • - C. auris
  • - C. haemulonii
  • - Any Candida isolate for which species identification was attempted, but could not be determined
  • - Other organisms for which C. auris can be misidentified

Basic Information

CDC Fact Sheet

Case Definition (from CSTE)

Algorithim for C. auris Identification

Effectiveness of Disinfectants Against C. auris ICHE 2017

Screening Information

CDC C. auris Script for Screening

CDC C. auris FAQs for Screening

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Contact Us:

During normal business hours, Monday through Friday (excluding holidays)*:

  • If a patient with C. auris is detected or suspected, please report to the Communicable Disease Program at the Chicago Department of Public Health for further recommendations by contacting Massimo Pacilli (312-746-6225, 

*After hours, weekends, and holidays, call 311 and ask for the communicable disease physician on-call (or 312-744-5000 if outside the City of Chicago).

For questions related to Healthcare Associated Infection/Antibiotic Resistance, please, contact the Chicago Department of Public Health at: